Saturday, August 17, 2013

Naughty Mary!

One frontier I have yet to brave on this blog is that of cocktails, mixed drinks, and the like. However, today I go bravely forward!

Everyone knows how easy it is just to mix a little alcohol and a lot of soda or something equally pretty unhealthy. But what about a healthier sort of drink? This is one of my favourites, and it doesn't rely on syrupy soda to give it an acceptable flavour. However, those of you who must watch your sodium, be careful and use lower-sodium versions or substitutes; the bloody mary is a salty drink.

It is one of the most complex and savoury cocktails that exists. And here is my version: the Naughty Mary!

Naughty Mary


1/4 C gin or vodka (I use gin)
1/2 C tomato or mixed vegetable juice
3/4 C club soda
3/4-1 spoon soy sauce
1-2 spoons olive brine
dash celery salt or celery seed, to taste
dash chipotle powder, to taste

1) Add all ingredients to a large jar or cocktail shaker. Close and shake, to blend thoroughly. Serve immediately.

It's a super-easy recipe that's very refreshing. With the club soda, you have a delicious drink that goes a long way, but the flavours are easier to savour and distinguish than if it's just straight tomato juice mixed with alcohol and spices. You can add ice cubes to the jar or shaker and have a chilled drink, but personally I prefer my naughty mary without ice.

These are superb with a stalk of celery as garnish! Just cut down the middle of the stalk's bottom and have it straddle the rim of the glass. Festive, delicious, and most important of all -- easy!

Enjoy any time of day for a rich, delightful treat. Especially good with brunches and lots of vegetables to nibble, and a great incentive to eat your greens!

};) Dhiar ♥