Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Interesting Article!

I recently was shared a pretty interesting article about a man's journey from horrible, toxic foods, to healthier and more nutritious ones. It raises some really good points, and since I know some of you readers of my blog have found it hard sometimes to make the shift, I'd like to share it with you:

Here you go!

I hope you like it. It's really very interesting and talks about how the taste buds are conditioned, how going 'cold' might not be the best approach, and how it is generally better to do a gradual, steady transition. Little bits at a time.

If one particular kind of food or style isn't keenly enjoyed, try another. If one dish isn't so popular, try a different one. Variety is a very good thing, and of course everyone doesn't have the same tastes and won't, even with adjustment of the taste buds and preferences.

I hope you find this article as interesting and as valuable as I did! Maybe it'll help some of you who want to eat healthier but find it daunting or unappealing. It's just a matter of approach.

Until next time, be healthy and happy!

};) Dhiar <3


  1. A funny thing I have found over the years... whatever you are used to eating and drinking is what tastes good to you. So many have trouble giving up pop, but I discovered when I was a teen that if you just don't drink it for a few months it tastes nasty then on out. So I just used this method for any other not so healthy foods I give up, just not eat them for awhile, and they tend to taste terrible.

    I think this is also why it is so difficult to switch to healthier foods... we just aren't used to eating them, so they don't always taste super yummy right away. But after eating healthy foods for a few months, they taste ooh sooo good! Well that and I've always loved the taste of carrot juice! Not carrots so much, but the juice is quite wonderful :). I am so glad more and more people are switching over to healthy eating, and that half the coffee shops serve carrot juice now :).

    Thank you for a blog about yummy food that is good for one's body!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad to see people are reading and enjoying. I think that what you've said and what the author of that article said are very true; we become used to things and ways of eating, so much so that it is difficult to change them. But if we gradually do so, we often find ourselves surprised by how different our opinions become!

    I think it's wonderful when you've reached the point where you're enjoying your diet, and it's a healthier diet than you used to have. Convenience foods are fine some of the time, but it's always better to be able to cook your own food in a more nutritional way. One of the most important reasons for this is because there are no 'mystery ingredients' when you're cooking your own food. Those will often bite you in ready-made convenience foods.

    I'm very, very glad to see that you're enjoying the blog! I hope you'll continue to enjoy it!